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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why a Blog? Why Now?

We are assaulted on a daily basis by National news of a declined housing market and frightening statistics about a credit market that would keep most people locked in their homes. The most important thing to remember above all things is ALL REAL ESTATE IS LOCAL.

No one seems to realize this, yet it can’t be stressed enough. This is so important to keep in mind and understand as you watch the news and read the papers. Keep it in perspective. The media is reporting on the biggest trends across the country, but that does not necessarily apply on a local level. Buyers are often surprised when they hear that our local market does not fit the National trend. What we tend to forget is that our community and the demand for homes in our area are not the same as it is in California, Florida or even other parts of New Jersey. Atlantic County is a large growing resort community, and while our market has been affected, the people still flock here every year seeking a second resident, a place to retire or just a great environment to live and raise their families year round.


Why a Blog? Why Now? People need to hear timely stories and Real Estate in their area now more than ever. I am a Realtor in South Jersey. I live and work in Margate, NJ. I will write about my "adventures" as a South Jersey Realtor. I hope you will read my blog and share your thoughts and comments with me too.