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Monday, August 3, 2009

Hot Times At The Shore - Summer Update

June and July have been very busy months for us. The shore seems even more crowded than it did last year and Buyers have been out in number looking for a good buy. The national news certainly fuels our Buyer's optimistic view of the economy since home sales Nationally has been up for the last three months and whether you agree or not, the cover of Newsweek last week proclaimed, "The Recession is Over".
In any case it is nice to hear some positive news from the media for a change.
In addition to the sales that did settle in June and July there are many more deals finalized that will not close until after the summer. In some situations the Sellers wants to enjoy one last season in their home or perhaps the Buyers already have a place and don't want two; or the property being sold is already rented for the season and the new Buyer can not gain possession until after the season.

In any case, the market is HOT and the shore is selling. This month we even had to deal with several properties that received multiple offers. In this case, the Seller will either select which ever Buyer has offered the most favorable terms, or the Seller may go back to and ask all potential Buyers to bring their "highest and best offer". Potential Buyers then have the option to keep their original offer or make any changes they want. This can include an increase of the amount of money being offered, how quickly they want to settle, or even removing contigencies, like obtaining a mortgage or doing a home inspection.
In the end, it will be the Seller's choice in selecting the Buyer they feel is offering them the best deal. Your Realtor will act as your trusted advisor to guide you in making the best choices.


Please join me in sending out congratulations to the Buyers and Sellers I represented in the past few we
eks in successful transactions:


Dawn & Jerry C. on the purchase of their townhouse in Galloway
Larry & Alise O. on the purchase of their condo in Margate
Mark & Cass B. on the purchase of their Duplex in Margate
Aliza R. & Bryan C. on the sale of their home in Ventnor
Kim F. & Michael S. on the purchase of their home in Northfield
Lila B. on the purchase of her home in Margate
Shirley & Sunny B. on the sale of their duplex in Margate
Harry H. on the sale of his home in Margate
Mark & Beth S. on the sale of their home in Margate
Joe D. on the purchase of his home in Absecon
Erik & Bryna on the purchase of their home in Margate
Bill & Janice E. on the purchase of their home in Margate
Shirley & Sunny B. on the purchase of their home in Ventnor

In addition to these completed sales, I currently have 11 more properties under contract and scheduled to close in the coming weeks. Good news for you and good news for the shore. Still a great place to invest your money and great place to share with friends and family.

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