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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


When I moved here in December 1999, I was very pleased to discover how mild the winters are at the beach.  Having moved here from Boca Raton, Florida, I was not looking forward to freezing my "tush" off.
Yes, I knew it would be cold from December through February...but I am not a fan of snow.

Happily in the ten years I have lived in Ventnor and Margate there had been only ONE major the winter of 2003.  It was one snow storm of about 18 inches and it was surprising to all of us.

The past few weeks have been a true anomaly...the storm of last week that dumped almost 2 feet of snow is so uncharacteristic for our area.  As we brace for what could be one more storm this week we who live on this wonderful island that enjoys such mild weather most of the year must sit back and reflect and be grateful for the fact that this is truly an exception and NOT the rule of our area.

Perhaps the best part is it reminds us all about how much we should appreciate the beach, the warm sun and the escape that this island offers the year round and seasonal residents.

Stay warm and drive safely!!!

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