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Monday, May 17, 2010

If You Build It..They Will Come!!!

Do you have a dream home in your mind? You know…the house in your head? Do you know the things you want your dream home to have? But do you have trouble envisioning the necessary changes to an existing home?

One of the hardest things for Buyers to do when they are looking at properties is to picture themselves in someone else’s home. Most Buyers know what they want in a house - like a first floor master bedroom or a big kitchen/great room or a front porch or an open floor plan. However, for most Buyers, unless the home is already laid out that way, it is almost impossible to imagine the transformation that will create the desired end result.

What turns you off to a house?

Is it pink walls in a living room, pet odors, too much furniture? Or perhaps it’s dark rooms, collectibles everywhere, old kitchens and bathrooms?

But it is more than that. Outdated kitchens and tired old bathrooms are a major turn-off for the average second home Buyer seeking that “move in ready” beach get-away. Even dark tight rooms can make most prospective Buyers turn heel and run…despite the fact that this can often be easily remedied by moving just one wall.

FACT #1: Most people are unable to visualize
It is the main reason Realtors® advise Sellers to de-clutter and store their personal items away - so that Buyers can focus on the house and not be distracted by other people’s “stuff”. But all the cleaning and packing in the world will not move walls and update kitchens and bathrooms. To envision these kinds of changes, you need a Buyer with vision, a Realtor® with imagination and a talented Renovator/Builder.

Let’s face some more facts.  Most of the homes on the island are older and many of them need some updating. This is not a disadvantage. On the contrary, there are a multitude of advantages, because you can:

• Buy a home in a better location for less money
• Remodel, renovate or restore the house to your specific needs
• Get what you want instead of settling for what is already there
• Do the work on your schedule - all at once or over time
• Grow into the home with an eye on the future
• Improve the home to sell and move up

FACT #2: Most Buyers Don’t Want the “Burden” of a Renovation

Perhaps you don’t want the extra “burden” of having a home renovated. It is a common feeling amongst prospective Buyers. Typical objections include:

• I just did this at my primary home
• I can’t come down and supervise as frequently as will be required
• I just want something easier

An excellent Renovator/Builder will make the job easy on you and not require all that much time on your part because the Renovator/Builder is the general contractor, not you. A number of these Renovators/Builders are also designers or have design staff adept at color and d├ęcor selection, making the entire remodeling process effortless. The level of your involvement is up to you.

 FACT #3: Renovator/Builders Offer an Alternative: The “BRAND NEW” Old Home
Meet the Renovator/Builders: They put their own money where their mouth is and buy the property because they believe:

The home featured on the cover of this coming month’s Homes & Land (due out Memorial Day weekend) was a total renovation by one of the island’s finest and most innovative Renovator/Builders, Remarkable Renovations. 108 South Philadelphia Avenue is a magnificent beach block home with ocean views and vaulted ceilings, and is a perfect example of a home worthy of saving and transforming into the “BRAND NEW” Old Home you see today.

Smart Renovator/Builders work closely with Realtors® who advise them on their Buyers’ most important criteria. As a result, these ingenious transformations have become so popular that they are often sold in the earliest stages of renovation. In fact most of the homes targeted for renovation are being sold within weeks of being listed for sale. And lucky Buyers who purchase early get more input into color selection and finish choices for their dream home.
Renovator/Builders are doing the job for Buyers all over the island and they are turning out homes better than we have seen in many years.
Build it and they will come. Come and they will build it. The choice is yours.

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I completely agree! diy houses I think is one of the alternatives that is out in the market.