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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Monday Feature: Blog of the Week!

As the weather down the Jersey Shore grows colder, some of our favorite winter activities are making a reappearance--like curling up next to the fire with a few good books!
Our Blog of the Week is an homage to this winter pastime.

Blog of the Week: 'I've been reading lately'

About the Author:  Levi Stahl is a Chicago-based blogger in the publishing industry. He explains: "Most of what I do with my time is read, and that's what fuels this blog. I work in publishing, but this blog is entirely separate from my job. I do sometimes write about books published by my employer without identifying them as such, but if you're a regular reader, I figure you know my tastes well enough by now to trust me."

Why we Love it: This isn't your usual blog of book reviews. It includes the well-known classics, little-known treasures, and inside information on upcoming releases. Instead of just plain plot summary on lots of books, this blog provides insightful commentary on passages, authors, and the publishing world as a whole.
Why you would Love it: If you're tired of reading the same old books, or just need a new perspective on your old favorites, this blog is perfect. Be in the know about the newest authors and books, and share in a fellow book-lover's hobby of discussing literature. You know you can trust him--his experience speaks for itself.

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