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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Getting Comfortable With A Blog

When I started out to create my blog, it was to put out something that would report the reality of Real Estate in our specific market, so people would stop being so influenced but the National News Media.

Being a former columnist, I am not used to writing in the first person and certainly not in article from. This will be my first entry done in standard "blog" form. I am hoping people will find my blog and comment on my entries or provide their own.

I have prepared on last article format entry that will follow this entry. The past month and a half I have been working with about 8 -10 families looking for properties on the shore. This weekend 4 of them made offers on their favorite choices and we are trying to finalize the details of them. Some will happen, others will not.

This weekend I have 3 more families going out to refine their choices. My point of telling you this is that the market on the shore is alive and well. No, not every buyer is trying to steal your house. Yes, they want a good deal...who doesn't...but most are realistic about prices and are willing to make offers based upon recent sales, current prices and comparable homes.

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