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Friday, March 26, 2010

Choosing the Right REALTOR® : Part One....

OK, so it’s a Buyer’s market and things are HOT! You’ve got the money to buy now, but SLOW DOWN! Don’t let it burn a hole in your pocket just yet. 

Whether this will be your primary residence, your summer getaway or an investment property, you really need to make sure you are working with a professional REALTOR® who will help you to identify the right property, negotiate the best possible price, and close the deal in the appropriate time frame. While many REALTORS® are skilled to work on either or both sides of the deal, here are some guidelines and pitfalls to keep in mind as you begin your selection process in choosing a REALTOR®

The Basics

Speak with people you trust to obtain recommendations about REALTORS® they have used and with whom they have had positive experiences. However, don’t assume it will be a good match for you just because it was good for your friend.

Avoid being hijacked by a close friend or relative “in the business” out a sense of obligation. Ask them to refer you to a colleague that can do the right job.

Make sure you and the REALTOR® communicate with each other very well. Real Estate does not have to be a “foreign language” so make sure you are on the same wave length.

While Desperately Seeking the Right REALTOR® there are several other good sources to use:

Surf’s Up... Checking the Net: Doing an on-line search for available homes in the neighborhood you are most interested will give you an idea of some of the REALTORS® that list properties in those areas.

What’s Your Sign?...Observing Yard Signs: Driving around your favorite neighborhoods will also give you an indication of which REALTORS® are listing the kinds of properties you may be interested in.

Hittin’ The Streets... Open Houses Open Doors: Most weekends there are an assortment of open houses to explore, giving you the perfect opportunity to meet and interact with REALTORS® hosting these events. If you find a REALTOR® who comes across as knowledgeable and you feel comfortable with him or her, take a business card and check out their web page after you leave. (Please note that a REALTOR® hosting an Open House may or may not be that home’s Listing Agent.)

EXTRA, EXTRA – READ ALL ABOUT IT...Trade Magazines and Publications: Pick up the local Real Estate trade magazines and Real Estate sections of the local newspapers. Not only will you be able to identify geographic locations that the REALTOR® may specialize in, but you will also see the price range, style of homes and diversity. Some REALTORS® will even specify in their ads that they are Buyer’s Agents. Some have earned the ABR® (Accredited Buyer’s Representative designation).

Using these guidelines should make the process of choosing a REALTOR® easier. Once you have found the REALTOR® that you feel most comfortable with, it is best to make a commitment to work exclusively with just that individual. Why? Because then that the REALTOR® is making a commitment to you also. As your designated “Buyer’s Agent”, your REALTOR® will be your scout on a constant search to find properties matching the criteria you have discussed. Your REALTOR® will also create an automatic email through the area Multiple Listing Service to send new listings directly to you the minute they come on line. Keeping you in mind on a daily basis with each new property, your REALTOR® will be in constant contact with you, informing you not only of new listings that are coming on the market, but also price reductions of properties you may have expressed interest in, as well as any relevant trends or sales in the area.

I am always thrilled when I am selected, but if not, I hope I have been able to assist you in finding a REALTOR® who is right for YOU, as well as help you in refining your ideas about the types of properties you want to look at.

In the next issue I will write about what to expect (and what to look out for) once you do find the right REALTOR® and are ready to get started on your search for the right property. In the meantime I would be delighted to hear from you on this subject: - or please feel free to review my listings or search all the available listings at the shore using my web site at

(This column appears in the latest issue of Homes and Land Magazine.  Copies available in local venues or please email me for a free copy.)

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