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Friday, March 12, 2010

Good Weather is FINALLY HERE!!!

I have lived at the shore for over 10 years. It has snowed on occasion. When it has snowed in general the snow that landed vanished in a day or two. After all...we are at the beach!!!

During the past 3 months most of the Northeast...experienced the worst snow storms seen by most in YEARS!!! If it didn't keep us at the shore snowed in, it most certainly kept the people up north from traveling down to our area. Every time we thought we would get a little bit of relief...we got another dumping of snow. It was ridiculous!!!

Happily after a bit of rain and a few weeks of 50 degree weather the snow is all but a bad memory. People are flocking down to the shore again and houses are selling and renting. For a while it felt like ALASKA AT THE SHORE...but I am happy to say that life is back to normal again!

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