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Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Feature: Blog of the Week!

It's the Monday after Thanksgiving, and we've got another Featured Blog to share!

Description: This blog is designed to share the discovery of timeless photographs. The author hunts antique shops and garage sales to find the gems that people leave behind or toss away. Some of the photographs have been recognized and reunited with family members, friends, or previous owners.

Some of Our Favorite Photos on This Blog:
Kansas City, Missouri. 1923.
 Clayton Kregal Postcard. 1917.
WWI Soldiers.

Why we love this blog: This blast-from-the-past blog features beautiful relics from almost every era, found in a variety of different places. Some of the photographs and their subjects have even been recognized by family members, or reunited with their original owners. It is a unique way to re-visit memories and remember the past.
Why you would love this blog: The blog is extremely interactive. Besides featuring photos and postcards found in shops, flea markets, and the like, readers can submit their own old photographs to be featured. There is also an element of mystery and fact-finding as anyone can submit missing information about photos, such as location or time frame.

Visit Forgotten Old Photos here: (

Come back next Monday to see another favorite blog featured here!!

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