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Monday, October 31, 2011

Top 10 Spookiest Towns Where You Actually Want To Live posted a list of the top 10 spookiest towns where you would actually want to live, and in honor of Halloween we want to share some of the towns with you!

#10: Washinton D.C- Many ghost sightings have been reported at the Capital Building and the White house, along with a series of UFO sightings in 1952

#8: New Orleans, LA- Everybody knows New Orleans is home to Mardi Gras, but it is also know for voodoo haunted locations and UFO sightings.

#6: Los Angeles, CA- Home to many ghosts towns, haunted houses and UFO sightings, LA is a prime candidate for a spooky town. Many people believe there was a massive UFO cover up after a 1942 battle where unidentified objects where firing air craft rounds.

#5: San Antonio, TX- This town has a creepy history. It’s home to the Alamo, the Menger Hotel and Mission San Jose, which are all haunted Locations.

#3- Boston, MA- The first UFO sighting in U.S. history happened here! Boston also has many haunted houses, including the Boston Athenaeum and the Commons. This area was home to many witch trials in the 1600s.

#1- Salem, MA- It’s not hard to figure Salem tops the list. This area has a history of witch trials and haunted locations. It also has 3 ghosts towns and numerous UFO sightings. Haunted attractions include the Joshua Ward House and House of Seven Gables.

Read the full list here and here


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