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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What Kind Of Seller Are You?

Bob Kelly, a guest writer for, recently wrote an article asking “Are you truly committed to selling?”. Sure, you have your home listed, but are you really willing to do what it takes to get it sold? Kelly believes that there are two types of sellers: “committed” and “iffy”

Committed sellers are those who are willing to do what is necessary to make their home sell. They usually have a plan in mind and could be relocating, downsizing, or upgrading. Whatever the case may be, these people are truly committed to selling their home.

Iffy sellers are those who have many stipulations and only want to sell on their terms. They want to get their asking price, don’t want to make repairs, and want everything done at their convenience. Although they have their homes listed, they aren’t motivated to make it sell.

Do you have your home on the market or are planning to sell sometime soon? If so, do you fit into either of those categories?

At the end of his article Bob gives some advice; Listen to the experts. We at Mark Arbeit & Co. couldn’t agree more. If you have any questions about putting your home on the market or are looking for a fantastic realtor to list your home with, call Mark!

Read the article here

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