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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Extreme Home Remodels That Turn Buyers Off

It’s your house; you can do what you wish to do. But, if you think you might sell your home in the future, there are some things you might want to hold off on.

Wood Burning Fire Place- This project could set you back around $3,500. The downside is this is not all people love them. Some don’t want to be bothered by the fuss, work, and cost of wood.

Home Office- An upscale workplace can rise rapidly, even up to $20,000. While it looks great, the return rate will probably only be around 57%.

Steam Shower- In fantasy bathrooms people envision 10 shower heads, towel warmers, and a waterproof TV, but the truth is this upgrades, such as a steam shower, doesn’t pay off. It might add some appeal, but not all people are willing to pay more for a house just for a fancy shower.

Home Theater- A swanky home theater could cost upwards of $9,000 if you include special speakers, lighting and nice seating. Unfortunately, the payback is only about 50%.

Expensive sports court- Although some people are really into basketball, adding it to your backyard is costly and will only have a payback of less than 10%, if anything.

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Come back Thursday to read about home remodels that pay back the most!

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