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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Top Remodels For Your Home!

On Tuesday we warned you about some home remodeling projects that weren’t a good idea if you were going to be selling your home. Today, we’re going to talk about projects to do that will pay you back the most!

The cost of remodeling has been dropping by 10 to 15 percent, so more and more homeowners are looking to improve their homes. There are certain projects you can do to your home to make it sell for more money, and we are going to share those with you!

Upscale Vinyl Replacement Windows- This has a payback of 69% on a cost around $14,328.

Midrange Kitchen Remodel- Include new laminate counter tops, sink, faucet and appliances. This is basically a face lift that costs under $20,000 and pays back 72%! This is one of the best things you can do to sell you home.

Garage Door Replacement- This might not always be high on the list, but sometimes needed. This project can pay back almost 72% of it’s cost.

Replace Exterior Siding (with upscale fiber cement)- This project costs about $13,461but has a pay back of around 78%! This is the most cost effective thing you can do to your home to sell for more money.

Replace An Entry Door- Something like a midlevel 20-gauge steel door is inexpensive pays back 73% and greatly improves curb appeal.

New Foam-backed Vinyl Siding Replacement-This keeps the house warm and pays back 69%.

More information here

So, if you're looking to make some touch-ups around the house, make sure you do these first! Does anybody have success stories from doing any of these remodeling projects?

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