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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Buyers, Buyers and More Buyers

Weekends are often the busiest for Realtors. Most people work during the week and weekends are the best opportunity for them to see homes or to talk with you.

Yesterday I had three different buyers scheduled to see homes. One Buyer is a long time year round resident seeking a new home, having sold his home earlier this year. Another Buyer is a couple that owns a home several blocks from the beach who would like to move up to beach block. The third Buyer is a couple that own a condo as a summer residence and have decided to buy a house at the shore as a primary residence.

I think the part of my job I enjoy the most is getting to know the people I am working with to understand what their needs are, what they are really looking for and helping them to find it. There's kind of an "ah ha" moment when you find the right house for them and watching them light up when they tell you that they love the house.

Now of course the road is not all rose petals and skipping along singing to the settlement table. Just yesterday one of my Buyers had a home inspection scheduled at a condo, and the home inspector tripped the power making it impossible to open the garage door. Unfortunately the electric panel is IN the garage so there was no solution yesterday. But on Monday we will get it fixed and all will be well. (hopefully!)

Part of the process of riding out the bumps in the road with the Buyers and Sellers. At the end, most of the time everybody is smiling and happy.

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