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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Shore is Dead After The Summer: An Urban Myth

From the time I started in Real Estate I have been told by EVERYONE...especially other Realtors, "The Shore is Dead after Labor Day"...This my friends is an URBAN MYTH.

Are there less Buyers than the height of the summer...of course! We are a beach community and our busiest time is from Memorial Day through Labor Day, however, SERIOUS Buyers continue to look for homes ALL YEAR ROUND...even in November AND December.

Personally I rarely take time off. I try to be available at all times for my Sellers and Buyers because you never know when they will decide to come down.

About a year and a half after I had been in the business, I hadn't taken a day off and everybody told me to take a vacation in December because "it was DEAD."

So that September I booked a cruise that left a few days before Christmas and returned a few days after. As we approached December, I got busier and busier and in the first week of December I sold 7 houses. All of these homes would require home inspections and my Buyers and Sellers would require my guidance and advice.

Thankfully everything was able to be coordinated prior to my departure and all transactions went through without a hitch. I learned a lesson and now I have a story to tell my clients who believe that December is a "dead month."

In the last 2 weeks of November, my Buyers and Sellers have written or received a total of 9 offers on homes. Seven of these contracts have been agreed to on both sides and 2 are still in negotiation.

The Shore is Dead After The Summer - Definitely An Urban Myth!

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